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Scratch for Fun is for entertainment purposes only.

Scratch for Fun examples may not accurately represent game play or overall chances of winning. Bonus Star Millions is a $20 game that offers five top prizes of $1,000,000.

When any of YOUR NUMBERS match any WINNING NUMBER, win PRIZE shown under the matching number.

Reveal a "$$$" (WNPRZ) symbol, win PRIZE shown under that symbol automatically.

Reveal a "$200 BURST" (WIN200) symbol, win $200 instantly.

Reveal a "SHOOTING STAR" (WINALL) symbol, win ALL 20 PRIZES shown!

BONUS: Reveal a "2X" (2TIMES) or "5X" (5TIMES) symbol, multiply any PRIZE won in the play area below.

Reveal a "$100" (WIN$100) or "$500" (WIN$500) symbol, win that amount instantly!

Instacart Shopper Here How to earn the Instacart 5 Star Bonus of $100 for my first 100 You Tube Subscribers. I hunted down the actual link for the 5 Star Bonus and I spoke with Shopper Center Help.

Finally, a video explaining how to make an extra $100 per week with Instacart. Step 2) Scroll down half way and click on “Pay & Earnings”. Lyft Here Instagram Facebook Youtube Direct Donations Amazon Affiliate e Bay Affiliate Quick Books Self Employed 50% Off Great Books Gear Ideas Thanks for all your support.

Please comment with any questions, and leave a like if you thought the information was helpful. Step 3) Scroll all the way to the bottom wherein green it reads “See all 16 articles” and click this link.

Step 4) Lastly, click on the article entitled “What is the five-star quality bonus? Step 5) The updated requirements for the Instacart 5 Star Bonus will load.