online fruit

Fruits and Veggies ordered at Jagsfresh is subsequently procured as and when freshly arrived from the orchards making sure that produce received by customers is fresher than any other retail channel.

Our fruits and veggies are not picked up at the road side vendors and delivered or are not stocked up like other retail channels, hence making the delivered produce freshest.

All fruits and veggies delivered by Jagsfresh is almost pollution free simply by its process.

Whatever ordered at Jagsfresh is picked after the order has been placed off of the produce which arrives freshly from the farms.

Veggies are not picked from road side vendors or not stocked unlike other traditional retail channels.

This ensures that fruits, veggies are not exposed to the harmful city pollution, making the produce delivered by Jagsfresh freshest and healthiest.

We have a no questions asked replacement policy at Jagsfresh.

If you are not satisfied with any item delivered, we will replace that item without any hassle for you.

Fruits, veggies, breads and other perishable items are replaceable with 24 hours of delivery.

Whereas non perishables are replaceable up to 3 days of delivery.

At Jagsfresh we wanted to ensure that whatever daily need products is required by you is available with us.

You can shop for thousand's of products from kitchen needs to bathroom accessories to household items with the touch of a button.