bonus code casino room

To receive the welcome bonus offer a player must verify their account using their mobile phone.

Minimum deposits to participate in deposit bonus offers are €25.

Deposit bonuses and free spins are the subject of Bet Voyager Deposit Bonus and Free Spins terms and conditions accordingly.

The welcome bonus as well as the free spin offers can be canceled anytime.

This bonus is subject to the Terms and Conditions for Bonuses.

*Free Spins are available only for non-UK customers.

Bonuses, Free Money and Free Spins are given to players by the exclusive discretion of the casino the increase the playing time, and deposit amounts.

These two factors can affect the size of the prize in the lottery, which in turn allows the player to get more enjoyment of the game, and increase their chances of a big win.

These rules are the standard terms and conditions for obtaining and using Bonuses, Free Spins and Free Money.

Each promotion may have its own specific requirements for wagering Bonuses, Free Spins or Free Money.

These requirements will be announced for each promotion on pages which are devoted to the promotion.

A player can only use one type of promotion (Bonuses, Free Spins or Free Money) from one account/IP address.